So, my life here in L.A. is about to take a minor change in the way of school (transferring to a program at UCLA!) and I have really let it take my heart to a very restless place. I like to know what the next month, 6 months, and year are going to look like for the most part. {Isn't it interesting that God has given me a desire to work in an industry that does not work that way?} And, right now I feel like I don't even really know life will in a sense look like after the next two weeks. But, I read a quote this morning that really brought peace to my soul...

"The future is in God's hands, not yours. God will rule it accordingly to your need. But if you seek to forecast it in your own wisdom, you will gain nothing but anxiety and anticipation of inevitable trouble. Try only to make use of each day; each day brings its own good and evil, and sometimes what seems evil becomes good if we leave it to God, and do not forestall (God) with our impatience."
-The Royal Way of the Cross: 
Letters and Spiritual Counsels of Francois de Salignac de la Mothe-Fenelon

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chelsea said...

ahhh what a wonderful quote. i'm struggling with the same impatience and uncertainty and i appreciate you sharing!