Moon River.

This beautiful duet is worthy of resurrecting the blog...
Goodness, my eyes fill with tears whenever I hear any version of this song. In fact, it used to be my phone ringtone, but I got teary anytime my phone rang, so I had to change it.  Anyway, there is just something about the words and the melody that are so tender. And, the term "huckleberry friend" draws such a cute picture of two friends or a married couple sharing a simple life together on the banks of a river.  
This is the "Moon River" I picture in my head. By, Russell Hogger.
I want this painting hanging in my home to remind me of the consistent pace of life I want to live with Jesus, even in the midst of fast paced Los Angeles. 

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Ellen said...

I LOVE that song! So beautiful and "tender".

Also love the painting :)